SolarBlox Crypto Mining

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SolarBlox Mission

We have always been about running businesses in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In that respect, our mission is to reduce the fossil energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining facilities by at least 50%.

About SolarBlox

Crypto Mining using Solar energy as substitute energy sources. Mining generates revenue, Solar energy subsidizes cost and ensures offgrid power supply at fixed investment cost.
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Why SolarBlox ?

Cheaper Energy Source

Cryptocurrency Mining is expensive to start up; the computing power, secure location, and security measures give miners so much to worry about – not to talk about the energy consumption bill at the month’s end, the potential sanctions from pro-environmentalists, and increased scrutiny from the government. SolarBlox navigates these challenges by using cheaper and renewable energy from the solar system for mining.

Cleaner Energy Source

With half of the energy requirements obtained from clean and renewable energy, the other half of non-renewable energy still threatens the environment’s overall health. Acquiring carbon credits from SolarBlox cancels out the effects. Carbon credits are stored in electric units produced by a renewable energy source.


With the collaboration of solar power plants, we are ensured that our primary operations are off the grid and free from power price fluctuation. Solar power investments are calculable, projectable and prepared. Our operation will be estimated as a decentralized platform operating off the reliability of resources in our location. Systematic design is employed for ease of deployment and duplication; we can mobilize, deploy and expand to anywhere in the world.

Core Features of SolarBlox


SolarBlox Operation Deployment


Decentralized Finance into SolarBlox Incorporation


Mine to Earn (M2E) Token Launch


Global Smart Contracts Optimization


Metaverse NFTs EcoArt Launch