This whitepaper contains the basic information of the SolarBlox tokenized platform and provides a general overview of all the platform entails.

All information provided in this whitepaper and every other detail accompanying it remains subject to an update. It hence should not be held as a guarantee about the values of tokens stated, the functionality in the future or the use of these tokens by any organizations or individuals stated in the whitepaper or by the platform, SolarBlox. This document should not be considered an offer to buy or sell any form of securities, nor should it be perceived as an alliance with any contract. SolarBlox denies involvement in any loss or actions of any kind, resulting indirectly or directly from any information provided in the whitepaper. Trades, investments, or contracts are advised not to be made exclusively on this documentation as no information provided in this whitepaper is financial advice. Investments or trading made may be subjected to financial risks, including liquidity, price volatility, or the total loss of invested capital. Before any investment is made, intending investors should ensure thorough and detailed research has been done with the support of professionals on information explained in the whitepaper for well-thought decisions to be taken.

All information contained in this whitepaper has been collected from sources we believe are reliable, yet, we disclaim every responsibility owing to damages incurred as a result of the application of information expressed in this document. Prices or similar data should not be considered entirely accurate, as they only adequately reflect their purpose in this whitepaper and the current financial market conditions so that they can be reviewed often without prior notice. Graphs and other visual aids are used only to serve the purpose of enlightening and do not capture all the information that must be considered for a wise investment to be made. Hence it should not in any case influence financial and investment decisions.

No individual, organization, or corporation is licensed to coordinate lectures, act as a representative or give organized and detailed information about the platform or the sale of its tokens out of this whitepaper or a contract agreement unless authorized to. Legal actions will be taken against individuals, groups, or organizations who distribute information about the platform not bound by a contract agreement.

No employee, associates, or entities linked to the SolarBlox platform is allowed to make any representation describing the value of native tokens, the operation or services unique to the platform, more than the permissible extent permitted by law.


Merchants and users who purchase tokens from the platform are fully accountable for meeting tax obligations stated by their countries or regions regarding their ownership or disposal of tokens acquired from the platform.

All payments made by SolarBlox to users who purchased any tokens on the platform will be made after the appropriate deduction of due taxes by the user’s region. Every user should understand that deductions made on the sale of tokens by the platform are decided by the service tax of regions and not based exclusively on the platform’s decisions.


This whitepaper contains statements that have not been proven and should not be fully acknowledged as an existing known fact except confirmed. All predictions, estimates, and speculations assumed in this document are not definite as they are primarily based on assumptions that may be influenced by unknown risks and other factors, which are beyond the control of SolarBlox. It is, therefore, safer to understand that some of these predictions and speculations may never be actualized or can perform differently in reality. The whitepaper should not be depended on, as no entitlement is owed to you when the information provided in the document becomes obsolete after a while.

Every beneficiary of this whitepaper is advised to carry out a detailed research and to rely on their judgment, investigations, and knowledge on information written about in this document or made available on further research. Furthermore, intending users must ensure the information given in the whitepaper accurately tallies with the platform abilities in actuality before investing, purchasing tokens, or agreeing to a contract with SolarBlox.

Neither SolarBlox nor any individual mentioned in this whitepaper guarantees the success of either the platform or its native tokens on launching. Therefore, we deny all damages accrued due to a part of the whole of this document being misinterpreted.

Proceeding with the whitepaper shows that you agree to all conditions stated above, and you will abide by the terms.