About SolarBlox

Crypto Mining using Solar energy as substitute energy sources. Mining generates revenue, Solar energy subsidizes cost and ensures offgrid power supply at fixed investment cost.

According to Elon Musk’s expectation on August 5, 2021 (Renewables Now) – Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) needs to confirm that the percentage of renewable energy consumption in Bitcoin mining is at or above 50% before it can resume accepting payments with the cryptocurrency, according to CEO Elon Musk. 

Reference: https://renewablesnow.com/news/musk-recognises-green-trend-in-bitcoin-energyusage-

749995/#:~:text=August%205%20(Renewables%20Now)%20%2D,according%20to%20CEO%20El on%20Musk.

“Our mission is to reduce electricity bills at least 50%,” said Sam Shin co-founder of SolarBlox and founder of SolarXell. Sam Shin founded SolarXell to be the leading Solar infrastructure facilitator. We are providing migration and renewable energy subsidization to local and international businesses across the ASEAN. Therefore in this new endeavor, having crypto mining that uses renewable energy for 50% is well achievable.

SolarXell applied Big Data from NASA and Metronome, AI to calculate and forecast the power generation in the next 30 years at the specific latitude, longitude location and IoT for actual consumption. We used these kinds of things for seven consecutive years. Furthermore, we can plug in solar in every type of human transportation such as land in the form of ground-mounted, the air in the form of rooftop and carport, and water in the form of floating solar. Also, SolarXell has multi-national companies (MNCs) as its clients, unintentional promises that we can operate SolarBlox smoothly 365/24/7.

This is a strong foundation for SolarBlox because the best operation and maintenance will generate the best return on investment for our investors across the planet.

Solarblox project plans to invest in solar infrastructure to increase the renewable energy ratio. Solar infrastructure can be packaged and distributed as investment products. In our perspective, we are generating revenue for power generated by a solar investment. The legislation of the Carbon Credit future will further benefit our low carbon operation.

The expansion of solar migration has seen a debate on land use. Solar panels have an optimum operation angle direct to the sun, the green space it replaces over the flatlands and hillside. We have expertise in Floating-Solar infrastructure as our solution to land use. The benefits of Floating-Solar runs cooler with the ease in cleaning and prevent problems from flood and rise in water. Our geolocation and climate are perfect for Solar; with slight climate variation, we can optimize our investment fully with controllable risk.

Secure future in energy cost

Country tax energy , future inflation, commodity price coal gas oil.

SolarBlox attempts to utilize its influence and leadership position of providing clean and renewable energy to reposition the Cryptocurrency Mining network on the path of environmental friendliness. Here’s how.